October [update]

2017-10-16 12:39:46 by endKashika

Hello guys! 
New song's out. 
It's an electronic videogame dnb/techno tune.

Hope the sound fits the title. Didn't want to make anything thats too happy/sad.
Something in the middle I guess, but full of energy ofc.

Next one coming out on November 1st if nothing goes wrong.
Until then!

End of August [update #2]

2017-09-29 02:56:31 by endKashika

Sup guys!
I've got a few more stuff (plans) that I feel like sharing with you.

1. New song coming out this weekend! It's dark melodic dnb boss fight tune. My plan is to do couple of songs of that kind and release a mini-album. Main concept of the album will be - insects (boss-like!).

2. First game coming out, from my friend, that will feature my music. Will be uploaded here on Newgrounds. (not the game I was talking about if you read my other posts, but a kind of 'side-project'). 

3. Going to do the updates every month from now on. 

4. Wanted to say that if you want me to review your song, feel free to PM me, I'd be happy to give feedback. :)

Cheers 'n' peace.


10/02/2017 Update

New song!

Next one coming out on October 15th!


September Updates

2017-09-07 10:49:22 by endKashika

Sup everyone.

Summer's almost gone, so I decided to make a post here with a couple of updates (it's been a while).

My daily shifts are back, everything's back to normal. It was awesome summer, defintely the best one. Much wow.
I decided to get my music more 'out there' so I made it available on Spotify, iTunes etc (via DistroKid).

I decided to put a price on BandCamp - 1$.

Symbolic but  if you support me (read: if you like what I do, and want to hear more) - one day it will get me those Kontakt libraries I really want (and Kontakt itself T_T). Guess I won't die of natural causes till then. 

All jokes aside, it's a very hard thing to be living in Croatia and facing not only those VST prices, but electronic stuff in general.
I'd have to put aside 3/4 of my salary to get something for 200$. Low standards. Pathetic. Much sad.

So if you're reading this and you want to hear more from me, visit my BandCamp, iTunes or Spotify, it would mean much for me, and yet I'm sure, I'm putting everything that I earn towards software that's too expensive for me.

Actually everything that I make is done with a few VSTs and sample packs that are royalty free or the ones which I got as a bonus when I bought my Audio Interface / MIDI keyboard. And a lot of mixing experiments. Stil learning.


1) I'll be doing more music covers with my girlfriend, the next one will probably be from Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt - Priscilla's Song. But not sure yet. Later on I'll try doing some original songs with her on vocals.

2) Currently doing music for one platformer game that my friend's currently developing. It's going slowly but it's getting done. Will update you more about this in the future! That talented young manly man is this guy - @d3noDL 

3) Fixing my electric guitar... I've been telling myself this for... year or two now? However I fixed the classical one. Progress. Yay.

4) Will be uploading 1-2 songs/loops monthly as I'm doing all this time. So stay tuned!


So yeah, thanks if you got this far. I'll leave links for my music and social media down below. :)


Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/endKmusic/
BandCamp - https://endk.bandcamp.com/
SoundCloud - https://soundcloud.com/endkashika
YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/user/endkashika
Google Play - https://goo.gl/y3ihgn
Spotify - https://goo.gl/K9ptHW




2017-06-11 10:17:18 by endKashika

Sup guys.
Just a few updates I wanted to share with you.

Wanted to participate NGCHIPS II - but at the same time I was making a track and didn't want to force myself.
Me and my girlfriend - we've been together for 3 years and it's such a great feeling, so I decided to do a song for her.
Uploaded it on Bandcamp and Soundcloud, so if you want better quality, you're free to download it from there :).

Here's a link if you don't want to lurk around the profile - https://endk.bandcamp.com/

Still working on my skills in FL studio, I feel like I do know a lot, but there's huge amount of everything I wanna know more.

Summer is on it's way, going to be more active these days.
Cheers everyone.


2017-04-09 07:26:18 by endKashika

Here's the bandcamp link for high-quality downloads (you can choose different formats)




Cheers everyone!

Made a Facebook page

2017-03-17 10:43:12 by endKashika

Here's the link folks.