January 2018 Update

2018-01-12 13:27:29 by endKashika

Greetings everyone.

This year started quite good for me in terms of music.
Some of my songs are included in few Spotify playlists and I already managed to do two songs. 

I feel like I'm getting better at production + composition.
Now I have more free time for music since I'm not working. (finished my internship in december)

Friend's gonna upload here a demo of the game [classic platformer style] with my music in it, so stay tuned for that.

Will continue to update stuff here once or twice a month. :]

So - here's the first one of 2018!





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2018-01-12 20:23:30

I'm watching AGDQ right now. I did buy the song. I'm sure it's fantastic. I mean, you're among five particular musicians on this site whom I will grab music from immediately without listening to it first.

endKashika responds:

Phro, your support means a lot. Seriously. Can't thank you enough. Hope you did listen to it by now.
And hope I did not dissapoint. ;D


2018-01-13 00:44:45

Man, I'm reminded now more than ever you need more followers. Your catalog is too good to tell me only 33 people like ya

endKashika responds:

EDM364! ^_-
Thanks a lot for the kind words.
The number are kinda going up though.