February Update #2

2018-02-19 09:26:47 by endKashika

Yo, once again.

Second song of the month's up! 
Worked really hard on this one.

Next thing to do is the cover of Nuclear with my girlfriend.
I'm gonna upload theme song for one game that I've made in 2017.
Also, need to find a job. My internship finished almost two months ago. (that's why I upload 2-3 songs a month and try really hard to surpass the song I did before)
At least I'm having a great time and learning something new each time I'm producing.

Here's the Youtube link.
Hope you enjoy it.


PS. If you'd like to support me so I can keep me doing this stuff, and do even more thingies like this, here's the bandcamp link: http://endk.bandcamp.com/




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2018-02-19 21:18:43

Good luck on the job hunt. I'd aim for a new, better job, but I have difficulty driving for more than about twenty minutes at time to get anywhere and no one really wants to hire full-time anymore. I rather not end up two or three jobs like the people our store has hired over the last few years.

endKashika responds:

Well thanks. Hope it happens soon.
I'd also have the same difficulty, so I totally understand.
+ I'd rather stick to something that's safe and close. (as much as it can be)