2017-06-11 10:17:18 by endKashika

Sup guys.
Just a few updates I wanted to share with you.

Wanted to participate NGCHIPS II - but at the same time I was making a track and didn't want to force myself.
Me and my girlfriend - we've been together for 3 years and it's such a great feeling, so I decided to do a song for her.
Uploaded it on Bandcamp and Soundcloud, so if you want better quality, you're free to download it from there :).

Here's a link if you don't want to lurk around the profile - https://endk.bandcamp.com/

Still working on my skills in FL studio, I feel like I do know a lot, but there's huge amount of everything I wanna know more.

Summer is on it's way, going to be more active these days.
Cheers everyone.


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2017-06-13 18:54:56

I always prefer it when a talented musician offers me the chance to support him. It's a shame you don't have more people doing that, or, at least, more fans on NG, even if most are just members who attempt to be fans of every single person they find on this site (I don't do that, btw. I'm selective.) Excited to hear what you make during the summer.

endKashika responds:

I'm really grateful for your support, man, love all the comments - and people like you are what keeps everything going and evolving from the start. :)
I know things like getting attention with your work are not that easy, and I'm aware it's really hard since I'm new to this style, but if anything - it gives me motivation to do something even better and learn more, so that I could be, let's say more recognized. :)
I was occupied with totally different genre until last year, and had a lot of fans of my atmospheric metal solo project and local band that was popular throughout my country (underground scene).
Things are changing and I think with this kind of thing I can improve more.
Everything takes time, I guess.


2017-07-15 19:49:25

Purchase link for Sunflowers & Ants, please.

endKashika responds:

Hey Phro :D
Here you go!


2017-08-01 19:27:11

Purchase link for Eternal Sands, please.

endKashika responds: