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This is amazing.

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Ideas like this.. Amazing.
Inspiring, creative and open-minded.
Well done!

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Nice atmospheric piece, love the stereo separation throughout the whole song.
Sounds are very well chosen, props to that. :)
Especially love that synth at 1:12!

Minor complaints:
- I feel that at some points the main need would benefit of more layers.
- Also I feel that ending part (2:20 - onwards) was kinda too random with that main melody and counter-melodies. Playing with harmony at that part could be useful.

To sum up - enjoyed it and totally see it as some epic space-ish game soundtrack.
Atmosphere's well delivered.
Keep it up!

Great sense of dynamics, structuring and evolving the piece (playing overall).
Love those chords that caught me off-guard. ^_^
Ending got me woooah.
Amazing work!

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

I'm glad you like it!
I like this piece too, but I'm a bit surprised that so many people like it that much! Maybe it has something to do with the structure.
Thank you for the review!

Love that melody, so freakin' lovely.
Agree with Tainted about the brass, think there's a need of liveliness in those main melodies.
Keeps me interested all the time with all the variations while still not changing the vibe of the song.
Instruments by themselves are nicely chosen, and composition is great.
Great work overall. :)

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Glad to see that you're also THIS kind of person.
Amazing picture. Dat ear bite, though. ^_-
The only thing ... I'm not alergic to dogs, but I did adopt a cat and I've been trying to teach him how to bark for a while with no success. A day will come, they say.
Hope it happens soon. And when it does - I'll try to make a drawing like yours (unsuccesfully ofc since I have a huge drawing talent).
With a cat. On a leash. Barking.

Phronemophobia responds:

There's always National Cat Day, so even if he won't bark, your lovable kitty will still get his own day to be praised and pampered on the 29th of October. <3

Thank you as always Filip.

Never thought I'd be more afraid of a unicorn than a dragon.

Phronemophobia responds:

True, but unicorns are not quite as dangerous as the three-headed, rainbow-spewing pandas that once roamed the forests of ancient China. The reason why they are frequently associated with one another is due to their shared animosity towards the flying reptiles. This is currently the most acceptable explanation for why dragons no longer exist within all of modern Eurasia, though hopeful skeptics still cling to the possibility that undiscovered dragon nests may still be found within the sparsely-populated regions of European Russia. Wouldn't that be amazing?

Anyway, sorry for the info dump. I do that sometimes.
Thank you, Filip. <3 <3 <3

Love it. <3

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