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This is amazing.

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Ideas like this.. Amazing.
Inspiring, creative and open-minded.
Well done!

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Nice one Stardew, good luck to you too!

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stardew responds:

thanks a bunch :D

debating on keeping the title rn

Love the kick choice.
At first I thought it was kinda weird, but as song progressed more and more I found it more and more satisfying.
Also, love the guitar panning, fills the space perfectly. :D
On the other hand I feel like if the melody was outside that one octave it would be much more dynamic and interesting. (not counting the pinch harmonics)
(even though I do see that you're not aiming for anything complicated and/or perfect - I feel like I would do something similar too)
Funny thing though - this week I was also making some music for ending credits / intro etc. for a podcast that my friend's hosting, lol.
Great job overall FM. :)

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FateModified responds:

Hey endK, thanks for the review!
I found the kick sample in Evolve R2. I liked the way it stood out in the mix, so I went with it.
The rhythm guitar panning is from a preset in Guitar Rig called 'Plexi Rotor Room.' I was going through the presets one-by-one and I liked the way that one sounded.
I'll try raising the melody (solo) by an octave and see how it sounds to me. That's a good suggestion, thanks.
That is funny that you're working on a similar project right now. I've been working for this one off and on for about 3 months now, though. So far it's been a pretty difficult project for me because I've been asked to make music in a style which I've never done before, some blues guitar. But it's a fun learning process, and thankfully the song is not needed for about 6 more months or so, so I've got time.
Thanks for listening and for the great feedback, endK. :)


This makes me so happy!
Love the melody, the sparkling sounds, strings. Everything really nicely combined and balanced.
Also, beat was a pleasant surprise.

But I'd say it's quite opposite though. :P
With this kind of vibe it feels more like reuniting with an old friend.

Nevertheless, 5/5.

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BlueOceans responds:

I'm glad you like it :D

I get what you mean. The way I see it, this song does indeed depict the feeling of being reunited with an old friend; however, this actually occurs in the subject's imagination. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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Glad to see that you're also THIS kind of person.
Amazing picture. Dat ear bite, though. ^_-
The only thing ... I'm not alergic to dogs, but I did adopt a cat and I've been trying to teach him how to bark for a while with no success. A day will come, they say.
Hope it happens soon. And when it does - I'll try to make a drawing like yours (unsuccesfully ofc since I have a huge drawing talent).
With a cat. On a leash. Barking.

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Phronemophobia responds:

There's always National Cat Day, so even if he won't bark, your lovable kitty will still get his own day to be praised and pampered on the 29th of October. <3

Thank you as always Filip.

Never thought I'd be more afraid of a unicorn than a dragon.

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Phronemophobia responds:

True, but unicorns are not quite as dangerous as the three-headed, rainbow-spewing pandas that once roamed the forests of ancient China. The reason why they are frequently associated with one another is due to their shared animosity towards the flying reptiles. This is currently the most acceptable explanation for why dragons no longer exist within all of modern Eurasia, though hopeful skeptics still cling to the possibility that undiscovered dragon nests may still be found within the sparsely-populated regions of European Russia. Wouldn't that be amazing?

Anyway, sorry for the info dump. I do that sometimes.
Thank you, Filip. <3 <3 <3

Love it. <3

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