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This is amazing.

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Ideas like this.. Amazing.
Inspiring, creative and open-minded.
Well done!

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Great piece.
This main 'chorus' melody/motif is amazingly done.
It's so addictive, catchy and epic.
Love it! :>

Bertn1991 responds:

Ooh, thanks so much for listening! I appreciate the kind feedback.

Much respect <3

Tasty little tune!
Feels totally appropriate for the project you mentioned.
Hope it goes well. (or did it already? :D)

Everratic responds:

I'm glad you like it! I'm going to present it later this week. I hope it goes well too :)

Amazing intro!
If I may nitpick -
0:15 - onwards - wish the chords [rhythm] were little wider in stereo field or even more automated in different ways, eventhough the choir is already widely spread.
I even think violin would sound better with more reverb as if it was coming from far away, maybe even raise the freq around 5khz or so.
Stomp at 0:30 was top notch with amazing new lead.
As I more think of it, tribal build-up would really work great in that part. (just a thought at first/second listen)
Lead at 0:45 was ok, but also could've been better processed imho. (guess automating and experimenting reverb/delay/phaser would do the trick).
Loved the ravy part at 1:17, nothin' to say there.
Second chorus was best part of the song, including the solo orchestral parts, as well as ending.
In conclusion automating the fx of leads could benefit the whole texture and movement even more. Also, lovely structure, song's nicely wrapped up and I loved the trance/orchestral combo, think you managed to deliver very well.

Everratic responds:

Thank you for the review! We appreciate the comments :)

I agree with all your points. The leads are automated a bit, but they could indeed have been automated more. I also think I could have done a better job with the mixing. Perhaps with a better mix, the existing automation could have been more noticeable.

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Amazing! ^_^

This is amazing and adorable!

Glad to see that you're also THIS kind of person.
Amazing picture. Dat ear bite, though. ^_-
The only thing ... I'm not alergic to dogs, but I did adopt a cat and I've been trying to teach him how to bark for a while with no success. A day will come, they say.
Hope it happens soon. And when it does - I'll try to make a drawing like yours (unsuccesfully ofc since I have a huge drawing talent).
With a cat. On a leash. Barking.

Phronemophobia responds:

There's always National Cat Day, so even if he won't bark, your lovable kitty will still get his own day to be praised and pampered on the 29th of October. <3

Thank you as always Filip.

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